Thumbnails of Lara Jean Gallagher's work.Thumbnails of Myna Joseph's work.Thumbnails of Jimmy Ferguson's work.grid of Andy Fortenbacher's workGrid of Chocky's workBehind the scenes models on video set with camera


We are proud to feature an eclectic group of directors.
Andy Fortenbacher
Andy uses his background in narrative storytelling, tabletop and creative writing to create memorable visual experiences.
With over 15 years creating content for the beauty industry, Chocky is able to bring out the beauty in everything.
Lara Jean Gallagher
Lara’s dynamic short form work spans large commercial campaigns, award-winning shorts, and inventive music videos.
Jimmy Ferguson
Jimmy’s experience as a cinematographer helps him bring evocative and stunning imagery to his directing.
Myna Joseph
Myna’s passion for compelling, character-driven stories highlights the humanity in all of her work.
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